Unusual firewall bypassing techniques, network and computer security.

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Welcome on the GW team website dedicated to our main areas of interest and research which are the "Network Access Control Systems" bypassing techniques : Tunneling, Covert channels, Network related steganographic methods and so on.

Covert channels are simple yet very effective mechanisms that enable communication via unauthorized or not even thought of methods. They can pass over various access control, monitoring and reporting network systems as these systems usually fail to check the intrinsic value of data streams in transit.

Network Covert Channels are often based on the concept of Tunneling. This mechanism allows encapsulation of any protocol within another enabling thus authorized data streams to carry arbitrary data.

At present, we've developed some projects that allow to establish Covert Channels inside TCP (HTTP, HTTPS, MSN) and UDP protocols : Active Port Forwarder - SSL secure packet tunneling; CCTT - arbitrary TCP and UDP data transfers through TCP,UDP and HTTP POST messages; Firepass - arbitrary TCP and UDP data transfers through HTTP POST messages; MsnShell - remote Linux shell through the MSN protocol; Wsh - remote Unix/Win shell through HTTP and HTTPS protocols; Cooking channels - communication channel over HTTP cookies; g00gle CrewBots - communication channels over the g00Gle.

Read our papers related to Covert Channel techniques : creation, covering and detection of such kind data flows.

All of our programs/papers are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.0 or under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 (GFDL). They are meant to be used for educational/research purposes.

We also have other interesting links and papers, related to our favorite topic or to the main computer and network security research field. If you have any suggestion or comment, don't hesitate to drop few lines at our general discussion forum or to visit us on the Irc.

Along with NACS bypassing topics, we are also interested to team up or cooperate on other areas related to computer and network security.

If you find our work of interest or use, please do consider contributing.

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