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Active port forwarder 运用安全套接字协议实现安全隧道。这是专为那些不具有外部IP地址却仍想实现互联网服务的人设计的

Cctt, "Covert Channel Tunneling Tool" - 顾名思义,这是一种隐藏通道工具。他提供几种可行方法来实现允许在已被网络访问控制系统授权的数据流上创建并建立任意数据流传输信道。

Cooking channels - from the paper How to cook a covert channel is a set of two python scripts (CGI and client) allowing to build a communication channel over HTTP cookies.

Firepass - 一种隧道技术工具,通过它可以避开防火墙的规则约束,将数据流封装在合法的HTTP POST请求中。任何基于TCP/UDP协议的子协议可以通过它来穿越HTTP代理服务器对HTTP协议的严格审查。到目前为止,客户端和服务器端仅用Perl语言编写。服务器端作为一个CGI脚本运行在WEB服务器上。

g00gle CrewBots - from the paper g00gle CrewBots is a set of two POC python scripts allowing set up communication channels over the g00gle.

MsnShell - 一种隐藏通道工具,外网的计算机可以避开防火墙的严格数据审查,远程控制一台内网计算机。它把Shell命令/响应隐蔽地封装在MSN协议中传送出去。必要时还可以将MSN协议包封装在HTTP协议中传送出去。它无需安装客户端,只由一个可执行程序组成服务端。

Wsh, "Web Shell" - 远程控制UNIX/WIN SHELL,它基于HTTP/HTTPS协议,此软件包含两个分别对应其客户端/服务器端的PERL脚本和一个服务端C语言程序。客户端脚本与控制台终端用法相似。服务器端以一个CGI脚本的形式出现在目标(受控)主机上。


Cctde - 这是“灰色的世界”小组的第一个隐藏通道探测执行程序。此程序是此前的一篇名为“基于HTTP协议的隐藏通道/隧道的探测技术:GW执行原理设计”目前,它被设计为一个Snort的后端分析守护进程。Snort - 一种网络入侵探测系统工具,能够提供实时的传输分析以及数据包纪录机制。它还提供协议分析来满足查找/匹配,它被用于探测大量的攻击/探测。

NACS bypassing (Proof Of Concept)

Skeeve is a POC tool you can use to simply create an ICMP tunnel between two computers, which may be located in different networks and separated by a firewall. Skeeve utilizes ICMP packets and IP address spoofing technology to create a data channel in order to redirect TCP connections inside this channel.

HttPostNG is a funny poc to convert a text file into one or several png images and send them to a remote CGI in HTTP POST requests so that the network based "detector" has to figure if all POST images it monitors are legitimate or suspicious.

Trt-scapy is another implementation for the 0trace tool based on scapy.


etc/passwd - 从收集google上的常用恶意文件名关键字列表。



CCTDE - is a first implementation of the Covert Channel and Tunneling over the HTTP protocol Detection : GW implementation theoretical design' paper.
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