Tecniche inconsuete per superare un firewall, sicurezza applicata alle reti ed ai computer.

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Lewis Carroll "Alice In Wonderland"
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Cooking channels - is a set of two python scripts (CGI and client) allowing to build a communication channel over HTTP cookies.

The paper How to cook a covert channel [Hakin9 Pdf] originally released in the hakin9 magazine describes step by step how to implement a few covert channel concepts over HTTP cookies :
   o Control communication channel
   o As stealth as possible (don't care about latency or bandwith)
   o Backdoor oriented

The paper finally describes a funny second level caching method allowing to use HTTP proxy servers as intermediaries to build a communication channel thus having a way to communicate with a third party without having to reach the remote server for each data packet.

Current version: 1.1; README , CHANGELOG
Download | md5sum: 2ea1c6a47486e123439a40c3ca64484a

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