Tecniche inconsuete per superare un firewall, sicurezza applicata alle reti ed ai computer.

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Lewis Carroll "Alice In Wonderland"
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MsnShell - MsnShell is a kind of covert channel tunneling tool allowing to remotely control a Linux computer protected by a firewall. MsnShell encapsulates shell commands and responses within the MSN protocol and only consist of an executable file named "MsnShell Server".

The key MsnShell features:
* Give a shell from a box located within the internal network to an external server;
* Encapsulate shell commands and responses within the MSN protocol (SHELL over MSN);
* Can also work with HTTP proxy (SHELL over MSN over HTTP);

Wei Zheng
Current MsnShell version: 1.1; README
Download | md5sum: df990e8496eaf2bb36bf31c27baa19cd

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CCTDE - is a first implementation of the Covert Channel and Tunneling over the HTTP protocol Detection : GW implementation theoretical design' paper.
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