Unusual firewall bypassing techniques, network and computer security.

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Cctt, "Covert Channel Tunneling Tool" - is a tool presenting several exploitation techniques allowing the creation of arbitrary data transfer channels in the data streams authorized by a network access control system.

CCTT enables the creation of communication channels through NACS to create data streams which can :
* get an external server shell from within the internal network;
* give a shell from a box located within the internal network to an external server;
* setting a TCP/UDP/HTTP CONNECT | POST channel allowing TCP data streams (Ssh, Smtp, Pop, etc...) between an external server and a box from within the internal network;

Simon Castro
Current Cctt version: 0.1.8; README, CHANGELOG
Download | md5sum: 39a0a63a675ecc347b0f8631ac75b5c1
Win32 Cygwin built CCTT version:

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