03.10.2007 (v0.8.4): - Added (by Joshua Judson Rosen): certificate-based authentication 21.11.2006 (v0.8.3): - Fixed: bug in udp_listen function when AF_INET6 is not defined 13.09.2006 (v0.8.2): - Fixed: bug in resource deallocation for remote admin clients 06.04.2006 (v0.8.1): - Fixed: enableproxy option in server's config file - Added: clients idle time - Added: 'maxidle' option - Modified: task scheduling subsystem has been completely rewritten - Fixed: segmentation fault in http tunnels after multiple simultaneous POST connections from the same source - Fixed: unexpected connection close when http proxy was too slow - Fixed: SIGSEGV in http proxy mode under cygwin - Added: enabled the SO_KEEPALIVE option for all the sockets used by the apf - Added: 60 seconds timeout for SSL_connect 04.02.2006 (v0.8): - Fixed: infinite loop after buffering message - Fixed: corrupt packets after closing connections in the stopped state - Fixed: bug in mapping user numbers between afclient and afserver - Fixed: premature close of the service connection - Fixed: invalid buffering when the connection is closing - Added: Multiple tunnels in one afclient<->afserver connection 16.11.2005 (v0.7.5): - Fixed: manageport option in the afclient config file - Fixed: severe bug in string_cp - Fixed: wrong connection type used by afclient when afserver used --nossl or --nozlib option - Fixed: broken keep-alive option 03.11.2005 (v0.7.4): - Fixed: sockets in CLOSE_WAIT state left by afclient - Added: --localname and --localport options - Added: --localdesname option - Added: kicking user in 'opening' state - Fixed: info about kicked user - Fixed: TERM signal handling - Fixed: id lost after reconnection - Fixed: printing wrong client name in 'SSL_accept failed (timeout)' message - Fixed: ignored 'certificate' and 'key' options from config file - Added: config files for afclient - Modified: some options in afserver config file 05.08.2005 (v0.7.2): - Added: http proxy basic authorization - Fixed: logging initialization after some value checking - Fixed: auto-reconnect failure when --nossl option is set - Added: auto-reconnect when afserver is not reachable on start - Added: auto-reconnect after normal afserver quit - Added: per user statistics: idle time, amount of downloaded/uploaded bytes and current download/upload rate - Added: support for https proxies - Added: possibility to bind sockets on different interfaces - Fixed: receiving incomplete headers from afclient - Fixed: close user connections by afclient 03.07.2005 (v0.7.1): - Added: afserver certificate storing and checking - Modified: generating keys and certificate - Fixed: creating apf directory - Fixed: some bugs in proxy tunnel initialization 07.06.2005 (v0.7): - Added: http proxy tunnels between afserver and afclient - Fixed: sigint interception with threads enabled (in http proxy mode) - Fixed: FATAL ERROR in afclient in some situations after close of afserver when http proxy mode is enabled - Added: afclients can connect directly to afserver with enabled proxy mode - Fixed: timeout routine in http proxy tunnels - Added: 'rshow' command in ra mode displays 'tunneltype' - Fixed: printing IP of clients when http proxy mode is enabled - Added: 'tunneltype' per client in ra mode after 'cshow' command - Fixed: closing connection when http proxy mode is enabled - Fixed: threads initialization - Fixed: afserver closing after sigint - Fixed: afclient threads initialization - Added: 'version' option to display program version number - Modified: establishing afclient<->afserver connection - Added: 'keep-alive' option - Fixed: using 'proxyport' without 'proxyname' - Added: auto-reconnect feature to afclient - Added: 'ar-tries' and 'ar-delay' options - Modified: http proxy logging - Fixed: closing connection with afclient after receiving id - Fixed: thread closing due to wrong initialization sequence - Fixed: small bug in initialization process - Heavily Modified: logging routines - Added: audit option - Modified: default dateformat is now ISO 8601 - Modified: printing usage - Fixed: bug in threads' initialization in afclient - Added: 'timeout' and 'dateformat' options in ra mode - Modified: empty dateformat disables printing '[] ' - Added: 'audit' and 'dnslookups' options in ra mode - Fixed: afserver freeze bug - Added: 'kuser' and 'kclient' options in ra mode - Fixed: bug in starting afclient in ra mode - Added: audit log printed also after kicking the client 11.03.2005 (v0.6): - Fixed: default password incompatibilities from config file - Added: "client's id" option - Lightly Modified: verbose mode - Added: temporary listen ports - Fixed: bug in printing "client's id" - Added: 'dateformat' option to set format of the date in the logs - Modified: command line option and config file behaviour - Added: logging to a socket - Fixed: parsing config file - Fixed: major bug in packet buffering - Added: several clients-users in one realm - Modified: default hostname used by afserver - Modified: server listening behaviour (for clients) - Fixed: bug in checking options values - Modified: verbose mode - Modified: client initial connection to server - Added: connection time / uptime statistics - Added: first version of remote administration (statistics only) - Fixed: major bug in remove_client routine - Added: 'raclients' option - Added: use of automake/autoconf - Added: creating ~/.apf directory - Modified: the way of creating/managing keys/certificates - Added: 'dnslookups' option - Modified: usage functions - Fixed: no handling of missing 'listen' option after 'newrealm' in config file - Added: 'quit' command in remote administration mode - Modified: logging error messages during initialization - Modified: 'newrealm' changed to 'realm' in config file - Added: realm names - Modified: connection time / uptime - Added: client names / unique numbers - Added: user unique numbers - Fixed: segmentation fault after 'quit' command 19.11.2004 (udp_patch): - Lightly Modified: verbose in client's udp reverse mode - Fixed: major bug in udp protocol forwarding 11.10.2004 (v0.5.5): - Added: rsa key generation by afclient - Modified: afclient is now generating keys by default - Fixed: major bug in packet buffering - Added: 'timeout', 'clients' and 'usrpcli' options - Fixed: parsing 'users' option - Modified: module management routines - Added: module support for service's packet filtering - Fixed: few minor bugs in closing connection routines - Added: possibility to use several clients per realm - Modified: there is no need for 'users', 'timeout', 'clients', 'proto', 'usrpcli' and 'climode' options in config file when default values are acceptable 26.05.2004 (v0.5.4): - Fixed: default password incompatibilities - Modified: server listening behaviour - Added: module support for client's packet filtering - Modified: client behaviour after unsuccessful connection - Fixed: printing ipv6 addresses - Added: IP protocol family strict choice: 'ipv4' and 'ipv6' - Added: flow control / packet buffering - Fixed: signal handling - Fixed: client freeze in udp reverse mode with zlib enabled 09.01.2004 (v0.5.3): - Added: client password identification (weak) - Added: sigint interception and server closing - Modified: communication between server and client - Added: 'nossl' and 'nozlib' modes - Added: zlib support - Lightly Modified: verbose mode - Modified/Added: help screen and long options support 06.12.2003 (v0.5.2): - Added: types of realm - Added: logging to a file - Fixed: major bug in communication between server and client - Fixed: deformed packets in udp protocol forwarding 04.12.2003 (v0.5.1): - Fixed: some data transfer problems - Added: udp protocol tunneling/forwarding - Fixed: bug in parsing the config file - Improved: making connection between server and client - Lightly modified: verbose mode (added double v mode) 23.11.2003 (v0.5): - This is the first release - There are no known major bugs