Unusual firewall bypassing techniques, network and computer security.

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Lewis Carroll "Alice In Wonderland"
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We are people interested by the computer and network security research field. Our main interest lies in the topic of NACS bypassing - Tunneling, Covert channels, network related steganographic methods - but we also work or are interested to work on other security projects.

We feel our team can be considered as an hacker team as we all like to learn how network protocols and programs work, as we like to code our own research tools and understand why they doesn't work or vice versa and as we like to share our research results with the security community. Moreover, we like to run unusual ways with usual technologies.

However, blackhat and anarchy spirit is not something close to our team mind and we don't accept people using their knowledge to break/ruin any system.

Team members, listed in random order :

o Arun Darlie Koshy  Australia   arunkoshy [gw]  PGP key
o Zhao Wei   China   icbm [gw]   
o Ilya Zelenchuk   Russia   ilya [gw]   
o Javier Martinez Marti   Spain   jmartinezm [gw]   
o Simon Castro   France   scastro [gw]   
o Wei Zheng   China   v_zheng [gw]   
o Matteo Memelli   Italia   matteo [gw]  
o Alex Dyatlov   Russia   alex [gw]  PGP key
o Jeremian   Poland   jeremian [gw]   
o Andreas Heydecke   Austria   andreas [gw]   

People, who help and support us (thank you guys! :) : Hadi El-Khoury, Olivier Dembour, Sergey Degtyarenko, Brian Otto, Stixon, Mehmet.

If you have any question, regarding to our Team or not, and are confused about whom of us to send it, then use our forum or the <team at> mailbox. All Team members will read it and someone will answer you. The answer is 99% guaranteed as we usually do not ignore our mails... and 1% is reserved for viagra sellers and other restless guys.

We are always pleased to know about people projects or papers. If you want to become a part of our team, then learn about what you can do for that...

Paper : How to cook a covert channel.

Team member's sites:

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